Children's Nature Center in Fruita, Colorado

"Connection....Conservation....Research....Education with nature"...

The Children's Nature Center (CNC) is the only living museum within a 250-mile radius that exhibits exotic animals in naturalist habitats. The center hosts more than 120 unique creatures, ranging from 13-foot pythons to 1-inch-long dart frogs to lively stingrays. We have saltwater habitats and freshwater habitats, as well as numerous coral tanks with a wide variety of aquatic life. CNC features a collection of snakes, reptiles, and amphibians, as well as the largest indoor honey beehive in Colorado and a variety of colorful parrots. Our living and inanimate exhibits are all designed to educate guests on animals, wildlife, and the environment.

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Saturday 10:00am to 4:00 pm * Sunday Noon to 4:00 pm


Ages 1 to 12 years old $5.00

Ages 13 & older $7.00

Immediate family of four $21



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